I love the Andy Griffith show.  Do you remember Emmet?  He was the handyman or the Fix-it guy.  If it was broken, Emmet had a solution for you.  If he couldn’t fix it, it was likely beyond help.

I often try to be Emmet to the women I come in contact with.  I listen to their stories and then I just want to ‘fixit’  — I offer up suggestions, ideas and loads of advice.

Recently a young woman shared her troubles and problems with me.  I had a solution for each issue she was facing.

Do this for that.  And do this other for that thing.  And then you just do this.  All will be well.

And in the midst of my Fix-it solutions, it hit me (or maybe it was the Holy Spirit nudging me) — where’s God in all your advice?

He was no where.  I had all the solutions  and trust me, I really don’t.   She didn’t need me to Fix-it, she just needed me to listen.  She didn’t expect me to have all the answers she just wanted to share.

Thankfully I shut my mouth and listened to her.  I shared God’s Word and assured her that He loves her and will never leave her nor forsake her.   I told her I trusted God’s hand in my life and I encouraged her to trust Him, too.  Even when things didn’t make sense.

My default is to fix-it for everyone .  My husband, my girls, my friends and even women who come to me to just share.   And the thing is — I don’t know how to fix it.   I stumble, fall, fail, and mess up on a regular basis.  I just know that Jesus loves me and He’s my Rock and Redeemer and that’s the best Fix-it ever.