Five years ago.  Well, really it’s one day short of five years, but I’ve never been one to follow rules very closely.

Five years ago I started this blog.  Who would have EVER thought I’d still be around five years later.  After all, I’m about half way into a kitchen remodel that I started about six years ago.  I don’t like to rush things.  Really, I don’t like to finish things.  I’m a HUGE starter.  Finishing?  Well, that’s another story.

But I’m still here.  Hanging around. Writing some.  Vlogging some.  Sharing thoughts and some laughs.

I’m so amazed at the people I’ve met through this community.  Some have become my best and dearest friends.  Others slip in and out of my virtual life, but they make me smile.  Some I see in face to face, but not often enough!

And I’m a bit shocked at the changes that have taken place in this virtual place over the last five years.  Twitter comes to mind.  Five years ago I could barely wrap my mind around a blog post much less a Tweet.   What was once a community of women bloggers has become a place filled with savvy business minded women who have used their blogs as launching pads for great businesses.  Kudos to them!  For me, this blog is just a place to share, ponder and laugh.   It took me a while to come to terms with NOT being the savvy business minded blogger, but I’ve come to terms with it.   I have a WONDERFUL job that I love (I work planning Christian cruises!  I know!  It’s pretty fantastic!) and in that job I’m savvy and business minded, but here I’m just a girl who loves Jesus and loves an adventure.

Along with all the changes here in the blogosphere and the virtual world, I’ve had some amazing changes over the last five years.

I’ve watched one daughter marry and I became a mother in law.  Which is easy when you have a great son-in-law who fixes all my tv connection stuff.

I’ve sent another daughter off to college and became an empty nester for the first time in 24 years — and we are LOVING it.  (Miss my baby girl, but we’re having a blast!)

I’ve  become a Gigi when my oldest had her first child.  And Ben is the new man in my life — and my man is just fine with it, in fact he’s crazy about this little guy, too.

An amazing God-given opportunity to write a blog for the Girls Getaway Cruise led to being on staff with Premier Christian Cruises.  — Isn’t God AMAZING!!

My book, God, Grace, and Girlfriends was published — and what an incredible  blessing and blast!!

I’ve traveled more than I ever thought possible!  And I’ve sailed on 14 cruises and loved every minute of it – although it’s some of the hardest work I’ve ever done.

It’s been an amazing five years.

God has grown me, pulled me and stretched me.  Some days I feel like a wonkity Stretch Armstrong doll.  But it’s been such a blessing — even the hard days.  The days filled with doubt, tears, and ‘why me’ wailings.  God has held me up.  His Word gives me strength to continue on this crazy, wild life in Christ.

Here’s to five years!!  Let’s do another five.

What about your last five years — where have you been?