Girlfriends, God, and Grace — that’s the title of my book. Or it may not be. My editor and I have been talking and the book has evolved and changed some since I first began it five years ago. We’re stuck between two titles — and we love both.
Girlfriends, God, and Grace: How to have a Great Girlfriend Adventure
The Great Girlfriend Adventure

I need your vote (ohhh, I feel just like a candidate for office). There’s a meeting about my book next week and I would love to have some votes to share with my editor. Please vote — I’ll feel really goofy if I don’t have any votes. And if you vote I’ll ….. think good thoughts about you. Ohh and I’ll even thank you live on the blog — name and all.

Please VOTE! and keep me from looking pathetic to my editor and her co-horts.

  Poor little Alabama writer, she just couldn’t get anyone to vote for that book title. Bless her Heart. Don’t let this happen — Vote Today!

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