“ It’s an honor to be a Christian.”

It was a simple facebook update posted by a friend.  So simple, but so profound.  I chewed on this phrase for several days.

It’s an honor to be a Christian.

It is, but do I live that way.  Do I act like it’s an honor?  Do I truly believe it’s an honor?


This hit me right in the heart – hard.

As I turned this over in my mind and in my heart, I thought about soldiers.  Yes, soldiers.  Think about it.  A soldier in dress uniform.  Walking proud and with honor.  He stands straight.  His uniform is impeccable – every button gleaming, every ribbon spotless, everything in place and pressed.  His shoes  are shined. He walks with purpose and holds his head high.  He is proud to wear the uniform and it shows.

Do I walk with great honor?   I’m a proud to be a Christian?

Or do I act as if  I’m doing God a favor by just showing up.

I know I’ve nothing without Christ and apart from Him I can do nothing (John 15:5), but sometimes I need a reminder.  Like a post on Facebook.