Hanging out with girlfriends is therapy for me (without the whole “make an appointment” thing). If I’m in really bad shape, a weekend with the girlfriends is better than a carton of Smoky Mountain Fudge ice cream (and if you knew my ice cream addiction, you’d really understand this reference).

As most of you know I’m writing a book about girlfriends. You’d think since I’m writing about girlfriends, I’m always hanging with girlfriends and doing girlfriend stuff, but, nope, not so much. I struggle to find girlfriend time between planning a wedding, taking care of the new puppy, raising a teenager, working a job (in addition to the one I have at home), loving my husband, and writing a book. Oh, then there’s my church stuff – co-leading Bible study, planning the fall retreat and the trip to the Smoky Mountains (and it’s just a coincidence that I happen to like the fudge ice cream…) Whew. I’m making myself tired.

There’s a lot going on in my world, but the Lord is gracious and allows me to the strength to handle all of it – but I don’t do it all at the same time. I’ve given up on housecleaning — I never loved housework, okay, I confess, I HATE housework. I don’t want to clean anything, ever. I only do it because I love a clean house; I just wish someone else would clean it for me. I’ve also given up striving for Mom of the Year….and yes, I know that this was probably the year I would at least get nominated. I’ve given up hobbies like reading for fun and sleeping – I really miss the reading, but I’ve always thought sleeping is a waste of time.

Giving up some things helps me get through the day – and the knowledge that in five weeks the wedding will be over and the puppy will be gone. (A puppy is a lot like a toddler, but without the benefit of diapers – use your imagination). Of course, in five weeks Charity will be married and moved out – so life will calm down enormously and I’ll be really sad that she’s gone, but happy that she’s happy (how’s that for playing both sides of the fence?)

I love being busy – and I really love writing this book. I love the time I spend in prayer getting ready to write. I love what the Lord is teaching me through these busy days –wedding, puppy training, and writing. I love that He is a gracious and forgiving God. I’m awestruck that He continues to bless me even when I make a mess of everything. I’m learning that He’s in control of this thing I call ‘My Life.’ I’m learning that I have to let go and He will take care of it all. I’m learning that I can only serve one God – and I’m choosing (it’s a continuous process) to serve the Lord, my God.

But back to girlfriend time….that’s where we started, right? I miss girlfriend time and I’m looking forward to spending time with girlfriends in the very near future! I know that the Lord is using this time to strengthen me to be a better friend. I just need your prayers – and I could probably use a little more sleep.