I really want to write the post about all the amazing things God showed me last week in New Orleans, but right now I’m just struggling to keep my eyes open.  I promise you pictures — and I’m delivering on my promise to post pictures — here are are most of the Breaking Free  Siestas (less Jenny Hope and Grateful in Georgia, Tammy who were riding the streets of New Orleans without their handy navigator).


We had a blast getting everyone together for this! (Of course, notice the sadness in my spirit — I’m saying… oh where are Jenny and Tammy… where could they be?  See the dramatic hand gestures).    

Excited bunch!


Here is me and Jenny Hope — love this funny and sweet chick.


Me and Grateful in Georgia, Tammy.  She and I just clicked!  So much alike  and in so many ways! Good thing?




Me and Traci — my ticket fairy!!  Love this chick — she’s so great.




Vicki, Nancy, Me, and Tammy — what a cool group of blondes… and then there’s me.

More information tomorrow — stayed tuned to this station.