Seems that I’m always trying to figure something out.

I’m always trying to figure out this life in Jesus.

I try to make sense of a grace that I can’t grasp.

I try to understand why a HOLY God would want to use a mess like me for His work.

And I seem to be starting over, daily.  I think I have a bit of a grasp on life and things shift and change.  I stumble along.  Tripping, falling and getting back up.

It’s not that I don’t LOVE where the Lord has me right now… but I would LOVE for Him to send me an email that includes ‘Step 1 …. Step 2… Step 3’  and so on.

I try to make myself fit into a mold for Christian speaker or Christian author or Christian woman– and I just don’t fit.

Is it me?  Or the molds?

Maybe that’s it —

We aren’t SUPPOSED to fit into a mold!  RIGHT!  That’s it.

God created each of us to be unique.

Those molds?  They are human made things that we’ve created to feel accepted by others.  They hold no power.

I’m just me and you’re just you.

I’ll do what the Lord places on my heart  today and so will you… right?

We’ll walk this thing out together — sisters in this crazy, fun adventure of faith.

We’ll laugh, cry, pray, praise, worship and we’ll stumble.  But if  we lock arms we can hold each other steady, okay?

We’ll make mistakes and I’ll probably hurt your feelings or you’ll hurt mine.  We’ll get through it because this thing we’re called to — this life in Jesus — it’s bigger than we are.  We have work to do — today.

Let’s get busy — we have molds to BREAK!