Today is just one of those days that could benefit from chocolate.  Wait, that’s every day. 

I often think I was born 30 years too late or 30 years too early.  Which means I should either be 75 or 15.  Don’t really have a point for all of this, but I do love these ads.

I’m happy when I eat lard, too

I thinks it’s odd that there was a Lard Information Council.  Isn’t lard just fat?  Do we have a Fat Information Council? Can I be on that council?




 Well, crap!  No wonder my smoking was bad.  I DIDN’T smoke Camels.  If only I’d known.




 And my favorite — EAT and Stay Thin!!  Sanitized tape Worms — yes, that’s what it says right there.  Jar packed, sanitized tape worms!  How does one sanitize a tape worm since it is a WORM!  That you swallow!  YUCK!  Of course, there is the whole ‘no diet, no exercise, no baths’  — wait, I don’t get the ‘no bath’ part.  Can I still take baths — or at least showers.  Not that I would swallow a tapeworm, even a sanitized one…. unless there really is no diet …. no really, I wouldn’t do it … just think it would be a slightly great idea if there wasn’t a worm involved in  the process.