I’m always thrilled and terrified when someone asks that I speak / teach at their women’s event.   I’m thrilled that the Lord allows me to meet so many different woman.  I love hanging out with a bunch of girls (and yes, I know I’m using the term loosely but we’re all girls in my eyes).  There’s just something precious about time with women who love Jesus.

I’m terrified because I’m opening God’s Word and bringing His message to these women – and that strikes me with fear!  Not the ‘oh my word, is the tarantula loose’ fear, but a reverent fear.  A fear that sends me face first into my Bible – and y’all I mean that most literally.  There are times when I just don’t know what to do and I just lay my face on it.  You can even see some makeup stains on some pages.  A fear that makes me ask “Lord, who am I that you would use me” and a fear that makes me say “if it is Your will, Lord, I will go.”

It was in this fear and excitement that I headed to Double Springs, Alabama this past weekend to hang out with the women from Pine Grove Church of God for their Fabulous Females event.   What a fun bunch – and these girls can COOK!  And decorate – the whole place was decked out in the most darling blue, brown and silver and it was sparkly and I LOVE some sparkly.  I would have pictures for you… but, well, I forgot my camera.  Hoping someone will send me some pics.  Y’all need to see the cute! I did manage a few pictures with my phone… and they’re not too bad!

It was a wonderful day!  Sweet friends, wonderful food, incredible worship and a great time in God’s Word.


Here’s me and sweet Joslyn – the event coordinator.  Isn’t she a darling thing?


Three for One – oh my stars!  These chicks can SING!  Serious harmony here!  Loved them.

Also, there was another speaker, Susan, who wrote a beautiful poem about Fabulous Females and I even asked her if I could post it… she graciously said yes.  But in my wild life I managed to misplace it, but when I find it I’ll put it up.  You’ll be blessed.  It’s wonderful.

Thank you Pine Grove girls!  Y’all blessed my heart this past weekend and I just adore each of you.