Episode 99: The Power of You in Your Message

Aug 1, 2022

Have y'all ever heard that using the term “you” while speaking can sound accusatory? If so, keep listening! Today, I'll be debunking that myth for YOU.

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“Time is short. People are waiting. People need your message. God did not give you this message to sit on it.” – Mary R. Snyder

In this episode, I talk about when the word “you” might sound accusatory and why it is essential to use when delivering your message.

Highlights from today's episode include:

Talking about “you” (1:47)
Connecting with your person (3:42)
When “you” sounds accusatory (5:41)
God can use you (6:11)
What I want you to do this week (8:35)
The importance of you (12:13)

God used people in your life to help you get to where you are today –– and He has someone waiting for your message to transform her into the woman He wants her to become. That's why the message you share and the word “you” matter so much.

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