Episode 96: How to Title Your Message

Jul 11, 2022

Have you ever heard a course title that was catchy and fun but didn’t really explain what the course contained? That’s not what you want, especially when it comes to booking a speaking engagement! So, stay tuned…
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“You want your event planner to look at your one sheet and look at that message and know exactly what it’s all about.” – Mary R. Snyder.
Today I’ll be discussing the importance of message titles, clarity, and something that may be a little controversial…
Highlights from today’s episode include:
  • A clear message with a clear title (1:56)
  • Thinking about what your story is (5:38)
  • What matters more than your title (7:49)
  • Today’s closing remarks (9:15)
I hope today’s episode helped get your creative juices flowing so you can create a title that will drive event planners crazy and land you a booking!
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