Episode 92: 5-Step Plan to Get Booked as a Speaker

Jun 6, 2022

Are you someone who likes to have a solid plan before you act? Do you need to see an overview of where you’re going before taking that first major step? If you’re a plan-oriented person (like me) and the thought of getting booked as a speaker without having a clear, actionable plan overwhelms you, be sure to tune in!
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“When you step on that stage and open your mouth, the clock starts ticking. In the middle of the action, you want to grab them, take them right into that story.” – Mary R. Snyder.
Today, I am breaking down a clear-cut five-step plan to get you booked so you can focus on your God-given message instead of stressing over how to begin!
Highlights from today’s episode include:
  • A five-step plan to get you booked (2:53)
  • Step 1: Identifying who you’re called to serve (3:22)
  • Step 2: Crafting a laser-focused message (4:55)
  • Step 3: Discovering where your message fits in (6:58)
  • Number 4: Getting connected (7:51)
  • Revisiting steps 1-4 (9:40)
  • Step 5: Asking for the booking (9:50)
  • Recap of steps 1-5 (13:20)
  • Bonus step (13:40)
I hope that this episode has resonated with you and inspired you to take the first step to get your message out into your community. And I have no doubt that your audience will have the same feeling of encouragement after hearing you speak and you step down from the platform.
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