Episode 91: Why Should You Attend a Speaker Conference with Tammy Whitehurst

May 30, 2022


Are you an experienced writer new to public speaking? Or maybe you’re a seasoned speaker who recently published a book? Those who feel called to write or speak – and love to learn – you won't want to miss today's episode!

This week's guest is Texas-raised and Jesus-saved! Tammy Whitehurst is a speaker and co-director of the Christian Communicator's Conference (CCC). If y'all are wondering what the CCC is all about, well, hang in there! That's what we're going to discuss today.

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“Every speaker needs a book; they need to be a writer. And every writer needs to learn how to speak because you will be asked.”  – Tammy Whitehurst

Highlights from my chat with Tammy include:

  • Introducing Tammy Whitehurst (0:57)
  • What is the Christian Communicator Conference (CCC)? (02:58)
  • A glimpse into the CCC (05:16)
  • What makes CCC so unique (06:30)
  • All levels of speakers welcome (06:51)
  • Camaraderie and collaboration (7:20)
  • Record highlights “sizzle reels” (09:34)
  • What's included (11:31)
  • Resources and networking opportunities (12:34)
  • “After-hour” sessions for night owls (13:10)
  • A “red carpet night” event (14:35)
  • Get immediate feedback (15:52)
  • Learn from featured teachers (16:38)
  • A limited number of slots available (18:34)
  • Where and how to register (18:52)
  • What is God calling you to do? (20:50)

The Riley Center in Fort Worth, TX, is hosting this small conference where big things happen July 27-31, 2022. Thinking of joining the Christian Communicators Conference? You can register here (limited spots available!)

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