Episode 89: Speak Up with Confidence with Karen Laos

May 16, 2022

Do you feel like some fine-tuning still needs to occur even though you have delivered your message numerous times? If you are ready to improve the delivery of your message and maybe even your wardrobe, this episode is for you! I'm chatting with my friend Karen Laos about how you can improve the presentation of your message starting now!

Karen is a speaker and Communication Coach who has worked with NASA, Sephora, and some teams over at Netflix. Now you're going to wonder what the Communication Coach is? Don't worry; we're going to ask her.

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“If you want to stand out in an influential way, doing the hook upfront immediately grabs our attention, and we go, ‘whoa, that's different. It's going to make you stand out in such a positive way.” – Karen Laos 

Highlights from today include:

  • Introducing Karen Laos (0:37)
  • What it means to be a communications coach (2:36)
  • Two things that we do when we are not confident (3:35)
  • Eliminating the breathy tones for authenticity (4:29)
  • Identifying and avoiding up speak (8:47)
  • Using punctuation when we speak (9:51)
  • What not to do when you step on stage (11:40)
  • What you can implement in your speaking right now (17:27)
  • Eliminate as much distraction as well (18:22)
  • Preparing in advance (22:10)

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