Episode 73: Should a Speaker Have a Podcast?

Jan 24, 2022


Should a speaker have a podcast? Does a speaker need a podcast? If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions or think that having a podcast would be fun, then today’s episode is for you! Alana and I will cover these questions and so much more.

Alana Dawson is a military spouse, mom, and podcast coach who has lived in eight different states. After being encouraged by her husband to start her business, she became a coach for podcasters. She helps writers, speakers and coaches create, grow, and launch their podcasts.

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So, should you, as a speaker, start a podcast? Is it beneficial for a speaker to have a podcast? Alana and I cover this and much more as we dive into all things podcasting, and you won’t want to miss it!

“What better way to grow and your speaking capabilities to reach more people, maybe even some event organizers and coordinators and people that are looking for speakers right in their industry. What better way than to have a podcast every week? You can practice you can hone those skills..” – Alana Dawson.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

  • How Alana got into the podcasting space (3:18)
  • Should you start a podcast with so many already out there? (5:53)
  • Steps to launch your podcast (9:56)
  • Analysis paralysis and podcasting – what now? (13:26)
  • Don’t spend hours googling – a toolkit to help you (16:19)
  • Short and sweet, the best length for podcast episodes (20:47)

Have you thought about starting a podcast? Is this on your vision board for 2022? I’d love it if y’all came to join the conversation in the Facebook group-Take the Stage Speakers and share with us! Or feel free to ask questions. Not on Facebook? No worries, you can always find me on Instagram or text me! I would love for you to share with me.

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