Episode 54: Activate Speakers Speak Out – Are you Ready to Activate Your Speaking Career?

Sep 13, 2021

You are in for a special treat for today's episode of, Take the Stage – for Speakers by Speakers. I've invited two of my students who recently went through the first iteration of ACTIVATE, and they are here to talk about what the program means to them. 

First,  you’ll hear from Samantha J. Morgan. She is an author, speaker, and founder of Rush to Hope Ministries, an infertility survivor, and a two-time adoptive mom. Listen as Samantha shares how she would go wherever and had a hard time saying she was a speaker to already booking out two events next year. 

My next guest is Mary Beth Powers. Her story is different from Samantha's as Mary Beth was beginning her journey as a speaker. Mary Beth was obedient to what God was calling out in her, and she has an incredible message of walking in the freedom of sharing your brokenness. 

Be sure to tune in as I get to chat with these incredible women and how ACTIVATE helped them share what God called them to share. And if y'all missed last week's episode and the super-secret discount – go back and listen, don't wait! Today is the last day! Visit the waitlist for ACTIVATE, and you have until tonight! But hurry because there is limited space with this limited-time offering. I'll give you a hint, think discount! But don't do that now. Let's get ready to find out ACTIVATE helped these graduates of the program. 

Here are some highlights from this episode: 

  • Samantha describes her speaking career before she started ACTIVATE (2:33)
  • How she describes herself after completing the program (2:49)
  • How does it look different now? (3:48)
  • What did Samantha learn from ACTIVATE that helped her book out two events for next year? (4:53) 
  • What would she say to someone that is considering joining ACTIVATE? (6:46)
  • What would Samantha tell them is possible after going through this program? (7:05)
  • What drove Mary Beth to ACTIVATE? (10:34)
  • What was something that she didn't expect to learn going through ACTIVATE? (11:59)
  • What would Mary Beth tell the woman listening to this now and wondering if ACTIVATE is for her? (12:40)

Aren't these two women amazing? I love hearing their stories of overcoming hesitations and becoming confident speakers with cute earrings. Maybe y'all want to join the Facebook group and share with us your thoughts. Or, perhaps you have questions that you want to ask. We have such a fun and engaging group! Not on Facebook? No worries, find me on Instagram! I would love for you to share with me. 

Don't forget to signup for Activate waitlist for emails about what's coming. The deadline is TODAY – September 13th. You won't want to miss it and the *discount*

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Mary Beth Powers 

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