Episode 51: Why You Should Get Paid To Speak

Aug 23, 2021


Today we’re talking about getting paid as a speaker and why you should get paid. Have you ever thought to yourself, the Lord has called me to this, and I feel uncomfortable asking for money? If so, we are going to take a moment, pause, and take a deep breath. We will ask the Lord to be with us as we walk through this challenging issue with money. 

Be sure to tune in as I share how to think about getting paid differently. Are you on the email list? Get on the Activate waitlist as there is something big coming at the end of August. But don’t do that now. Let’s get ready to take some notes on why you should get paid to speak. 

Here are some highlights from this episode: 

  • Pastors, your favorite Christian author have something in common (3:22)
  • You are a Christian communicator (4:40)
  • Why should you get paid (7:48)
  • Your investment in training, courses, and memberships (8:19)
  • Investment of time, energy, and being away from your family (9:59)
  • Setting the tone for the next time you speak and the sister coming behind you (10:54)
  • You can ask for time and to pray about a fee (13:12)
  • Your message is valuable. You are worth it. You are worthy of a wage (14:28)

How comfortable are you feeling with setting your speaker fee? Do you have a firm understand of why you should be getting paid to speak? Be sure to join the Facebook group and share with us how it is going. We have such a fun and engaging group! Not on Facebook? No worries, find me on Instagram! I would love for you to share with me. 

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Episode 47: How to set your speaker fee

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