Episode 47: How To Set Your Speaker Fee

Jul 26, 2021


What is your speaker fee? Did that question stump y'all? Do you know how to answer this question when someone asks? We will also go over the five words that will get you paid as a speaker. Are you on the email list? Get on the Activate waitlist as there is something big coming at the end of August. 

I'm going to go over some ideas on your speaker fee, what question to ask the event planner, and where y'all can get practice. Ready to take some notes? 

Here are some highlights from this episode: 

  • The first time someone asked me what my fee is (1:42) 
  • An equation to help y'all (4:43)
  • The five words that will set you up for success (5:59)
  • When you tell them your fee and their budget is much less (9:07)
  • What to do if you are a little unsure of how to set your fees (12:13)
  • This is the value, and it's what you bring (13:33)

Who knows their speaker fee? Email me, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram, a pigeon carrier, or smoke signal. I want to know. And if you are having trouble figuring out what you should charge, send me a message.

Join my Facebook group and share what your why is. Not on Facebook? No worries, find me on Instagram! I would love for you to share with me. 

Remember, you are valuable, you are worth it, and God has created you uniquely with this message. 

Also, don't forget to signup for Activate waitlist for emails about what's coming at the end of August. You won't want to miss it! 

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