Episode 43: Understanding your Calling with Jenny Randle

Jun 21, 2021


Jenny Randle joins me on today’s episode, and y’all, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Jenny is an Emmy® award-winning editor who became a national speaker, faith-based author, and podcaster.

During the highlight of her career, she remembers feeling a calling from God. Then, being paralyzed for a decade from lack of understanding of what it even looked like.

“And then finally I had this like come to Jesus breakdown moment where I really felt in my Spirit. The Holy Spirit was like, “The question isn’t who you are? The question is, who am I?”

Join me as Jenny and I discuss:

  • When did God call Jenny, and what did she do about it? (1:31)
  • Where does the question, “Who are you?” come from? (4:25)
  • She was doing a job she loved but was being called. (6:26)
  • Jenny’s journey to gaining confidence as a speaker (7:35)
  • Did Jenny leave the media industry? (12:01)
  • What does Jenny do, and how does she serve creatives? (14:00)
  • “Getting to Know God’s Voice” (14:47)
  • Jenny’s purpose to glorify God and to help others (16:44)
  • She created a quiz to “help give you language for whatever is stifling you” (18:07)
  • Weirdest URL that Jenny and Mary own (19:29)
  • If Jenny could go back and the first couple of times she spoke, she would tell herself this. (22:24)
  • What is the one message that Jenny wants to deliver to people listening (24:03)

Wasn’t this was such a fun episode today with Jenny? I can’t wait to take her quiz, get her book and have her back on the show! I appreciate you being here today, and I want to hear how you will get to know God’s voice!

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Jenny Randle

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