Episode 42: Humor And Your Message

Jun 14, 2021


Today’s episode, I’m going to be completely transparent with y’all, has been more complicated than I thought it would be. We will cover humor in our message, and to be honest, I thought it would be easy! I’ve found that explaining humor is impossible.

What makes people laugh? If y’all shrugged your shoulders, you are not alone! Even people with big degrees, all the letters after their name, don’t know why we laugh at what we do. Our opinions of what is funny are going to be different because of our life experiences.

“Humor is something that God has given us to connect to our people.”

Join me as I talk about how to put humor in your message and:

  • Why humor is important (2:23)
  • Humor breaks down the barrier between you and your audience (2:35)
  • The reason I love to intersperse humor in my message (3:16)
  • God has a great sense of humor (3:31)
  • I’m not talking about big floppy shoes and red noses (4:12)
  • Taking the audience to a deep dark place and lightening the room with humor (4:35)
  • Example of adding humor into your message (5:03)
  • Sometimes it’s not the joke that you’re telling but the way you tell it (7:35)
  • Humor permits them to laugh, then to listen (8:26)
  • What if they don’t laugh at your joke (9:05)
  • Words of caution (9:33)
  • You don’t have to be a comedian (11:22)

I appreciate y’all being here today. I want to hear how you will use humor in your message. Or let me know if you are already using it!

Join the Facebook group and get ready to do a challenge on humor. Not on Facebook? No worries, find me on Instagram! I would love for y’all to share with me how it is going for you.

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