Episode 41: Working with an Event Planner

Jun 7, 2021


There are a couple of different steps to take in finding an event planner. One is to ask the people you know who they know. Who do they know that books events? Who do you know that is in charge of their women's church events? Check out the episode listed below to hear all about finding an event planner. 

“Who do they know, and will they help me? I love the words, will they help me because people love to help people.” 

Join me as I talk about how to work with an event planner and cover: 

  • Ask your network of people who they know (1:05)
  • Good ol' hard work (1:52)
  • Ask for the introduction (2:29)
  • Do your research (2:51)
  • Hard work of research pays off (3:47)
  • Always continue to look for opportunities (4:06)
  • Negotiating your fee (4:31)
  • Set up a time to talk with your event planner (5:57)
  • What is your average audience size? (6:45)
  • If this is their first event, what is their anticipated audience size? (6:54)
  • Why is knowing the size of the audience important? (7:17)
  • Who typically attends these events? (7:24)
  • Why it's important to know who is in the audience (7:44)
  • What to ask if they haven't held any events (8:08)
  • Will, there be a bible study started after the event? (9:00)
  • Double-check your dress code at one month mark (9:39)
  • What does the event planner need from you before the event and the day of the event? (10:09)
  • What if you have a book? Do you have a freebie to give away? (11:29)
  • Pre-event details (11:54)
  • Ask how you should engage with the event planner's people before the event? (12:02) 
  • Connecting with people before you Take the Stage (12:33)
  • Post-event and expectations (13:34)
  • What to ask the event planner when the event is over (15:45)

I so enjoyed sharing with you today all about working with an event planner. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask me! I am happy to help you with being able to Take the Stage. 

Join my Facebook group and share how it's going with discovering your story. Not on Facebook? No worries, find me on Instagram! I would love for you to share with me how it is going for you. 

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