Episode 162: How to Handle Being Uninvited as a Speaker

Oct 16, 2023


Do you ever feel hurt or disappointed when you’re not invited to speak at an event? Have you ever been uninvited by an event planner? You can experience a range of emotions when you find yourself in one of these situations, anywhere from hurt feelings to thinking that another speaker “is better than” you! In this episode, let’s explore together the sensitive subjects of not being invited or being uninvited, as a Christian speaker.
Drawing from my personal experiences, I’ll share stories of being excluded from speaking engagements and the impact it had on me. Listen for my best advice on how to handle either scenario, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, self-reflection, and understanding that being uninvited can sometimes be a form of divine protection and redirection.  As Christian speakers, we can have faith that God’s protection and guiding hand is in all the engagements, even those we don’t receive.
Topics Covered:

  • Handling the feeling of being uninvited as a speaker
  • Personal experiences of being uninvited
  • The initial reaction of feeling not good enough
  • Having a conversation with the event planner
  • Seeking clarity on the reasons for not being invited
  • Reflecting on the purpose behind uninviting
  • Looking at reasons for not being selected as a speaker
  • Accepting that it may not be the right timing
  • Realizing that a lack of fit is not personal rejection
  • Recognizing the perfect fit for others’ speaking opportunities
  • Letting go of comparison and embracing individual gifts
  • Trusting the process and waiting for the right, God-given opportunities

As speakers, we will encounter situations where we aren’t invited or selected for certain opportunities, but we can handle these situations with grace and professionalism as Christians. If you’re looking for further guidance and support on your speaking journey, join my email list by going to TakeTheStagePodcast.com, click on Resources (check these out, too), and you can scroll down to the bottom and jump on the email list. I also have a Facebook group where other Christian speakers will support, encourage and cheer you on! Just search Take The Stage Speakers on Facebook.
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Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely by Lysa TerKeurst
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