Episode 160: Top Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Christian Speaker – Pt 2

Oct 2, 2023

As speakers, we know the importance of continually improving our craft. I’ve already shared the first five things I’ve learned as a Christian speaker in Episode #159, I’ll share the remaining five things that will guide you to better connections with your audience.
From setting the right tone with your opening to using your body language effectively, let’s examine how to captivate and engage your listeners. Learn why feedback, even when difficult, is essential for growth, as well as the importance of a strong closing and call-to-action. This episode will provide you with even more practical wisdom for how we can better connect with our audiences, especially if you’re eager to enhance your speaking abilities and make a lasting impact!
Topics Covered:

  • Recap of the first 5 lessons learned as a Christian speaker
  • How an opening sets the tone for your message
  • The importance of connecting with the audience beyond just words
  • Utilizing body language and tonality in communication
  • Avoiding standing behind a podium
  • Asking about mic options before an event
  • Utilizing all of your gifts and talents as a speaker
  • The need for a call to action in your closing
  • Using challenges as a call to action
  • The value of feedback, even if it isn’t always positive
  • The importance of continuous growth and learning as a speaker

I’ve shared a great deal of straightforward and useful information in these two top ten episodes because I truly want you to succeed in your speaking journey. I know that God has called me to empower Christian speakers, and that He has called you to bring your message to the world!

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Ep. 159: The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned As A Christian Speaker, Part 1
Mary’s Resources page, www.maryrsnyder.com/resources/
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