Episode 16: Suzie Eller

Dec 14, 2020

Suzie Eller is a writer who speaks.

Suzie was speaking for years before she truly believed she was a speaker — today she refers to herself as a communicator. Suzie communicates from the stage, through her many books, and on her podcast.  

But Suzie hasn't always been comfortable on the stage — 
She shares a story of tossing her speaking notes into a trashcan just before she stepped onto the stage…. Whoa — that's a big leap.  But the notes were her crutch and they kept her from connecting to her audience — with the notes gone, Suzie's personality was able to shine.    

Suzie is a  joy to  all who come into her presence  — from the stage, through her writing, and  on her podcast (and don't miss out on her podcast – More than Small Talk!)

Suzie's wisdom and encouragement will challenge you to step out into your calling.

Suzie's podcast
Suzie's books
Suzie's website

Meet My Guest

Suzie Eller

Suzanne (Suzie) Eller is a bestselling author, speaker, and co-host of More Than Small Talk podcast. She served as a speaker/writer with P31 for 14 years. Suzie is the founder of TogetHER Ministries.

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