Episode 158: Mary Answers MORE Speaker Questions

Sep 18, 2023

As a speaker, have you ever experienced that moment of panic where you’ve forgotten everything on stage? Have you struggled to connect with a tough audience? Are you wrestling with a large message, and how to help your audience feel connected to it?

In another episode of “Ask Mary Anything,” I’m answering these frequent questions and more in another candid Q&A session with “Take the Stage” listeners. Over the course of my career, I’ve faced many challenges that you may also be experiencing, like momentary memory loss, tough audiences, curveball questions, and more. Join me today as I share how I’ve managed these experiences, and I’ll provide you with valuable insights and advice on navigating these common speaking challenges. Get ready to level up your speaking game with this engaging and informative episode!

Topics Covered:

  • Taking questions from listeners
  • Forgetting lines on stage
  • Adapting to unexpected situations
  • Importance of knowing your message
  • Connecting with difficult audiences
  • Managing inappropriate questions
  • Dealing with “stump the speaker” questions
  • Simplifying messages for clarity
  • Identifying your core message
  • Audience engagement challenges
  • Revising and improving messages
  • Encouragement for speakers

Listening to the answers to these common speaker questions will hopefully encourage you to confidently get after sharing that message God has given you. But let’s take a moment more to talk about how you can further enhance your speaking skills. If you’re looking for more guidance and resources, don’t forget to join my email list at www.maryrsnyder.com. By signing up, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources that can help you become a more confident and successful speaker. Additionally, if you’re interested in taking your speaking journey to the next level, consider joining our Facebook group, “Take the Stage Speakers,” where you’ll find like-minded speakers in a community of kindness and support.

Links & Mentioned Resources:
Communicating for Change, by Andy Stanley
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