Episode 152: What to Do AFTER the Conference

Aug 7, 2023

Have you ever felt overwhelmed after attending a conference? Not certain what steps to take next to maximize your conference experience?  Conferences are full of energy, learning and networking, but there’s important information and action steps you can take to grow in your career that happen after the event itself.

If you’ve been unsure of how to implement what you learned after attending an event, listen as host Mary K. Snyder helps you navigate the post-conference journey with confidence and shows you how to develop a clear plan for following up and following-through on all the knowledge, connections and inspiration you gained by attending.

Topics Covered:

  • Determining which conferences to attend
  • Planning ahead for upcoming conferences
  • Considering both in-person and digital options
  • Follow up and follow through after a conference:
  • Storing business cards and one-sheets for future follow-up
  • Sending thank-you emails, even without the person’s address!
  • Connecting with fellow attendees on social media platforms
  • Initiating follow-up with individuals you connected well with
  • Reviewing conference materials and recordings
  • Providing feedback to event planners
  • Applying what was learned
  • Reviewing and revising one’s own materials, such as a one-sheet
  • Seeking out testimonials to enhance promotional materials

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your post-conference routine into a catalyst for personal and professional success by acting on the steps Mary has shared. And bring what you’ve learned to the Facebook group, Take the Stage Speakers, the perfect place to get feedback on all your hard work!


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