Episode 151: How to Handle Rejection as a Speaker

Jul 31, 2023

How do you maintain a positive mindset in the face of rejection or setbacks? Do you find it difficult to stay positive during those times or do you use it as motivation to keep moving forward? Rejection is never fun, but as a speaker, you have to move through it fairly quickly to be successful.
In this episode, I’m sharing my own journey of facing rejection and the emotional toll it can take, while reminding you to stay positive and trust in the process! My practical steps emphasize key strategies to overcoming rejection and the importance of finding strength in relationships and seeking out support from your community.
Topics Covered:

  • Seeing challenging situations as God’s work in us
  • Importance of seeking support in your community
  • Making improvements to enhance chances of success
  • Staying positive despite rejection
  • My role and job as a speaker being misunderstood
  • The support of a friend or spouse
  • Reflecting on past job situations and God’s guidance
  • Facing rejection and its impact on personal messaging
  • Four steps to take when facing rejection
  • Avoiding self-blame and “if only” questions after rejection
  • Personal struggle with dwelling on mistakes and feeling sorry for oneself
  • The first step of any speaker’s plan: praying and talking to the Holy Spirit
  • Staying positive and seeing rejection as part of God’s preparation process
  • Believing Romans 8:28 – All things work together for good
  • Handling rejection by understanding it may lead to other opportunities
  • Personal experience of rejection for a desired job
  • Not giving up in the face of rejection and pursuing goals

Remember, your calling may be misunderstood by others initially, but stay true to your purpose. With perseverance, support, and a positive mindset, you can overcome rejection and continue pursuing your passion as a speaker. Consider joining the our supportive Facebook group “Take the Stage Speakers” to connect with like-minded individuals and gain encouragement, especially in times of rejection!

Links & Mentioned Resources:

Romans 8:28

Facebook group, “Take the Stage Speakers

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