Episode 150: How to Say No, Graciously

Jul 24, 2023

Are you the right fit for every speaking engagement? Are there legitimate reasons you should decline a speaking opportunity? How can we, as speakers, discern which offers to accept and which to decline?

Listen in this episode as Mary explores the challenging topic of why to say no to the speaking opportunities that aren’t right for you. With a focus on authenticity and alignment, she shares personal stories and practical advice on gracefully declining invitations that don’t align with your calling as a speaker.

Topics Covered:

  1. The challenge and importance of saying no to some offerings
  2. Listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in finding the right fit
  3. Assessing whether an opportunity aligns with your calling
  4. Emphasizing the value of authenticity as a speaker
  5. Learning to decline opportunities graciously
  6. Building a supportive network of speakers
  7. Providing referrals and recommendations within the speaker community

You can know if an opportunity is the right fit for your unique gifts; and if it isn’t, there’s great benefit in building a supportive network with fellow speakers for referrals. Are you in a community with other speakers? We’d love to have you join us in Take the Stage Speakers, our strong and vibrant FB community, where you’ll find others like you wanting to foster growth and collaboration among speakers.


Links & Mentioned Resources:

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It’s Not Your Turn: What to Do While You’re Waiting for Your Breakthrough by Heather Thompson Day

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