Episode 149: How to Have Hard (Money) Conversations

Jul 17, 2023

Not sure how to discuss money with potential clients? Wish you could confidently navigate fee conversations as a professional speaker would? It doesn’t have to be difficult when you have solid strategies you can follow to make fee negotiation worthwhile to both you and the event planner.

In this episode, Mary tackles the money topic head-on, guiding you through various scenarios (such as when an event planner offers a budget that is lower than your fee!) She’ll also discuss how to respond gracefully to most offers, and how to potentially find creative solutions that benefit both parties.

Join us as we delve into the art of speaker fee negotiation with Mary and listen to how she considers pro bono work. You will learn how to approach all of these conversations with confidence and ensure a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of having hard conversations about money as a professional speaker
  • Strategies and tips for navigating these conversations with event planners and clients
  • Discussing payment as a normal part of negotiations
  • Not being offended when discussing payment
  • Various scenarios and approaches when negotiating fees
  • Establishing your fee and determining your willingness to lower it
  • Decision-making point on accepting a lower fee or negotiating further
  • Creative ways to cover the remaining fee
Even veteran speakers like Mary still have some trepidation about negotiating fees with a client! Has it been a challenge for you? Join us in the Facebook group, Take the Stage Speakers, and share your experience with us.
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