Episode 148: Get Booked to Speak: Talking to an Event Planner

Jul 10, 2023

Are you looking to connect with event planners for more effective conversations and book more speaking engagements with them? You’ve done the challenging work to get to the meeting, but what is the best way to conduct it once the day arrives? What are the best questions to ask? How can you engage them in dialogue that will establish a connection for this event and potentially future events?
In this episode, Mary dives into the art of having effective conversations with event planners. She shares key insights and strategies on how to make a memorable impression, build relationships, and ultimately secure more speaking opportunities.


Topics Covered:
  • The importance of being prepared and conducting research prior to your meeting.
  • Tips for building rapport and establishing a connection with the event planner.
  • Asking the right questions to learn more about the event planner personally and their role.
  • Strategies for actively listening during the meeting
  • How to show engagement and interest during the meeting
  • Crafting responses that align with the event planner’s needs and preferences while staying authentic to your own style and message as a speaker.
  • The significance of following up after the meeting
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable tips on active listening, asking the right questions, and crafting responses that will resonate with event planners. For more helpful insights, you’ll want to be sure to join the Facebook group, Take the Stage Speakers. Also, Mary will soon be sharing a special surprise to all who join the Activate email waitlist for information on the next sessions of live coaching and how to develop a professionally created one-sheet and a speaker reel.


Links & Mentioned Resources:
Impact With Story, brand storytelling for organizations who want to inspire with stories that connect them to your purpose!


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