Episode 146: Overcoming the Summer Speaker Slump

Jun 26, 2023

Are you struggling with the “summer speaker slump?” Feeling a little discouraged and losing momentum in getting speaking engagements?  This is a common challenge faced by speakers during the summer months, but you can and should be proactive to not stay stuck there.

In this episode, Mary will explore strategies to maintain momentum and avoid losing initiative. Listen as she equips you with practical tips to use these summer months wisely. When you continue to make connections and build your brand, you’ll overcome any summer slump!

Topics Covered:

  • Reaching out and following up with potential bookings
  • Crafting mini messages from your current message
  • Continue building your brand as a public speaker
  • Creating engaging video content
  • Developing social media posts
  • Honing your speaking skills for future opportunities.

Don’t let the summer slump hinder your speaking career—let’s take proactive steps together to take your speaking skills to new heights and fill your fall calendar with solid speaking engagements.

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