Episode 145: 5 Steps to Becoming an Unforgettable Speaker

Jun 19, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to leave a lasting impression on your audience and be that “unforgettable” speaker? Do you want to craft a central message that resonates with your audience, and learn how to tell stories that are important and fit your audience? These are the things that set apart the good speakers from the mediocre ones.  In today’s episode, I’ll uncover the five steps to becoming an unforgettable speaker.


Topics Covered:
  • Crafting your central message and staying on point with it
  • Telling stories that matter and fit your audience
  • Bringing the right energy to your presentation and the room
  • Being relatable and authentic as a speaker
  • Creating “sticky statements” that are memorable and repeatable
Listen as I share what really matters in your message and the importance of bringing the right energy and relatability to your listeners. Explore these factors with me, as well as the importance of “sticky statements” that can take your speaking skills to the next level, so that when you share your message, it stays with your audience for days, weeks or even months later!


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