Episode 144: What is Your Story?

Jun 12, 2023


When someone asks you, “So tell me about you, what do you do? What’s your story?” How do you answer? Are you able to give a succinct reply that clearly communicates your audience, their needs, and your unique way to meet those needs?
When I first started speaking, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my expertise and ability like I do today. With practice, it became easier for me and it can for you, too!
You can develop what I call a solid “highlight reel” (often called an elevator pitch); a solid “best foot forward” in any new relationship you foster as a speaker. Today, we’ll dig into the art of creating your best “highlight reel,” the one that will leave a lasting impression because you’ll know who your message is for and share it confidently!
Topics Covered:
  1. An answer to “What’s Your Story?”
  2. What is a “highlight reel?”
  3. Defining your audience and their needs
  4. Communicating your unique message with ease
  5. How you can get help to craft your “highlight reel” with other like-minded women speakers
We’ll be meeting in the Take The Stage Facebook group to guide each other through the process of building our very own powerful highlight reels.  We hope you’ll join us, we expect to create some powerful messages. You’ll also be getting an email (you can join the list here!) on how to define your listener. Get ready to make a lasting impact with your story because your highlight reel is about to shine, and you’ll soon share it with confidence!
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