Episode 134: Confidence to Speak with Lori Robertson

Apr 3, 2023


When someone asks you to speak at an event, do you hesitate to say yes? Do you automatically think that someone else is more qualified to speak than you are? Both myself and my guest, Lori Robertson, have been there. We understand how easy it is to think, “Who am I to speak about that topic? What if I say the wrong thing?” But do you know what? In the end, that way of thinking comes down to two things: Having too much fear and too little confidence.

Lori Robertson is a speaker, coach and the founder of SpeakHer where she coaches women to speak with confidence. In this episode, Lori and I talk about the Women of Faith events, importance of confidence in your speaking, and opportunities to speak in the Kingdom.

Highlights from this episode with Lori Robertson include:

  • Lori’s experience with the Women of Faith Tour
  • How fear stands in the way
  • Speaking confidently is important
  • Opportunities to speak in the Kingdom
  • The OpEd Project

Let me ask y’all this: How many of you are raising your hands to speaking opportunities? If you’re not, is it a matter of confidence? I hope this conversation with confidence coach, Lori Robertson, encourages you to seek out help to raise your hand and your confidence. Be sure to connect with Lori and check out her Speak with Confidence course.

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Mentioned Resources
Speak with Confidence course
Women of Joy

Connect with Lori

Connect with Mary

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