Episode 130: Use a Podcast to Grow Your Speaking Skills

Mar 6, 2023

God has given you a message and He has entrusted you with this gift. But do you trust what He wants you to do with it? Are you showing up and sharing it? Have you ever considered sharing some bits of your story on a podcast? Not just any podcast, but YOUR own podcast. In this episode, I have someone else with me. It is my pleasure to be joined by Eric Nevins, founding member of the Christian Podcasters Association.

Eric Nevins is the founder of Christian Podcasters Association, the host of Halfway There podcast, and a podcast coach and consultant. In this episode, Eric and I talk about podcasting and how you, as a speaker, can leverage your own podcast or be a guest on another's.

Highlights from this episode with Eric Nevins includes:

  • Eric’s story and why he started podcasting
  • How a podcast can grow your speaking skills
  • Determining the ideal lengths of your podcast
  • How podcasting can help you create hundreds of messages
  • The first steps to getting on a podcast as a guest
  • Eric’s gift of $200

Using a podcast is a great way to develop your speaking skills. You can use your podcast to practice talking to and creating hundreds of messages for your person -– and as a podcast guest, you can easily get more comfortable transitioning into, “And if you need a speaker, I'm available.” Do you have your own podcast? How has it helped you develop your speaking skills?

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Mentioned Resources
Christian Podcast Kickstart Course
Christian Podcasters Gold
Halfway There Podcast
Try Buzzsprout

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