Episode 121: Who Will You Be in 2023?

Jan 2, 2023

Who will you be in 2023? I know that’s a loaded question, but I want you to really think about it. Are you ready to fully embrace who God has called you to be? Could this be your year? I know I’m claiming it as mine, but are you? If you’re thinking, “Mary, I’m honestly not sure,” then you’ll want to tune in!

In this episode, I’m preaching to myself just as much as I’m preaching to you. Get a pen and paper ready, because we’re diving into this year headfirst to discover who you are in ‘23.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Stop auditioning (1:41)
  • Who will you be in 2023? (2:40)
  • Proverbs 29:25 (4:56)
  • Let go of what people think (7:02)
  • I want you to write this out (9:50)

This year is a fresh start to embrace your calling with a clear vision. This year, you’ll stop auditioning for the role that God created you for and step into it. If you’re joining in on this exercise, and I hope you are, who is it you plan to be in ‘23? A speaker who… [fill in the blank]. Send me a DM on Instagram or hop on over to my Facebook group when you have your answer. I’m excited to hear who you are!

I’d love it if y’all came to join the conversation in the Facebook group – Take the Stage Speakers and take a moment to share with us! If you aren’t on Facebook, find me on Instagram! I would love for you to share it with me.

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Proverbs 29:25


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