Episode 12: Shaun Groves

Nov 23, 2020

“I’m an interrupter.  I’m bringing a message the people attending didn’t intend to hear.”
Shaun Groves is a speaker — and a unique speaker.

His path to speaking life began as a singer/ songwriter in Nashville.  Shaun had a career in the music industry – he was a chart-topping, award-winning musician.  He wrote and performed music on stages across the country until 15 years ago when he flipped the switch on his career.  He went from singer/ songwriter to speaker.
But what didn’t change  — Shaun is a master communicator whether he’s speaking from a stage or playing music.

When Shaun moved from music to speaking his primary goal as a speaker was to get children sponsored.  And 15 years later, he is the master storyteller of Compassion International — now, he would never say that, but I can.

Shaun shared what he has learned through the years as he’s moved from a passionate speaker to a persuasive speaker.  “I wanted people to care about something immediately.”
Shaun worked to understand his audience and to grow as a storyteller.  He studied the craft of storytelling.

Shaun shared some of the basics of storytelling — “people remember the beginning and the end.  You can move the story around to make it more impactful — you can start in the middle. you can start at the end.”

He suggests that you write your story out on cards and then move the cards around to determine what works the best for your message.
“Listen to great storytellers.”
Shaun shared his favorite storytelling podcasts
This American Life
Revisionist History

You’ll find more about Shaun at his website and on his social channels.
Shaun’s Website

Meet My Guest

Shaun Groves

Shaun Groves is a communicator. A story-teller since childhood. A former chart-topping, award-winning singer-songwriter. A writer who has contributed to Relevant MagazineChristianity Today, and many others.

A lecturer at over one hundred colleges and universities, and a bible teacher serving students at a high school in Nashville. A speaker at hundreds of conferences and churches. And an ambassador for Compassion International and the children and they serve around the world.

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