Episode 111: Speaking with Confidence

Oct 24, 2022

Have you crafted your message to what feels like perfection? Perhaps you can already imagine your delivery, how it will impact your audience and how it will make you feel to give that closing statement. But maybe, when the time comes, you don’t have the confidence to deliver that message you have been daydreaming about and know God has entrusted you with. In this episode, we discuss confidence and how to stop feeling wishy-washy in your delivery.
“God has given and gifted you with this message. You don’t need to justify your words in your message. Know it, stand on the truth that God gave it to you and deliver.” – Mary R. Snyder
Highlights from this episode include:
  • Don’t justify the message God gave you (3:18)
  • Stop thinking and start believing (4:39)
  • Radiating kindness with your face, even without a smile (7:07)
  • Conquering your nervous tics (9:42)
  • Knowing your message increases confidence (12:13)
  • The Lord is with you in your delivery (12:49)
It is time to step onto the stage with the full authority you are called to be there. Plant your feet hips width apart, take a deep breath, smile and launch. You’ve got this. God called you for this, and you are ready. Now be the confident speaker that God knows you are. Send me a DM on Instagram or join the Take the Stage Facebook group! I’d love to hear what’s on your heart.
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