Episode 102: What You Need to Be a Successful Speaker

Aug 22, 2022


Is your speaker’s toolkit complete? Do you have all the items you need? If you’re fired up to get up on that stage, keep listening! I’ll walk you through what you need to become a successful speaker.

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“I think ‘have to’ should not be in our vocabulary because some people don’t do it this way. And you know what? If God calls you to a different way of doing it, you follow the Lord; you do not follow Mary.” – Mary R. Snyder

In this episode, I’ll cover everything you’ll need to have in your speaker toolkit.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Toolkit essentials (2:48)
  • The one thing we all have that you need (3:19)
  • Your message (5:31)
  • A one-sheet (7:02)
  • Why video is important, but it can wait (7:49)
  • Writing a persuasive email (9:49)
  • Having a heart for service (10:12)
  • Toolkit overview (13:17)

These are the essential items to have in your speaker toolkit! Then you will be on the road to success as a speaker. Just raise your hand and say, “Yes, Lord!”.

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Elements of a Speaker One Sheet
How to Craft Your Story in Your Message

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