Enneagram Type and Your Speaking Style with Jenn Whitmer, Enneagram Coach

Apr 12, 2021

Join me and Jenn Whitmer, Enneagram coach, as she walks us through the communication style of each enneagram number

Over three episodes Jenn will share insight in how each enneagram number communicates to group.  She provides insight that helps us grow as communicators.

Today we are in the body triad — Enneagram 8s, 9s, and 1s

The Eight type is the commanding speaker who brings power to the stage — they share big ideas with big energy.   The eights need to pause and allow the audience to catch up. All the information and energy can be a lot for an audience to absorb — slowing down and pausing will give them space to absorb.

The Nines are our peacemakers who do a beautiful job of showcasing multiple perspectives.  The Nine type communicator can grow by focusing on one point of view and sharing from that perspective.  The Nine can find speaking to be exhausting and needs to make time to recharge after being on the stage. 

The One type is our detail person. They dig deep into the details of the story — and details bring richness.  The Ones love all the detail, but the audience can get lost with so much detail.  Ones can decrease the detail and still have a powerful story.  Give the audience enough detail that the story comes alive but not so much that they are overwhelmed. 

That's our Gut or Body Triad. 

Next week — it's all about the Twos, Threes and Fours — the Heart Triad


For more information on Jenn and the enneagram:
Jenn Whitmer website

Enneagram information

My favorite books on the Enneagram

The Road back to You by Ian Cron & Suzanne Stabile
Jeff & Beth McCords on each Enneagram Type

Meet My Guest

Jenn Whitmer

Jenn Whitmer

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