My nest is officially empty — at least until Christmas break.  Baby girl headed off to college loaded down with new bedding, towels, rugs, and all manner of great dorm room organizers and accessories.  Everything matches — including the plastic tubs she packed.

After watching her transition, I’ve decided that I need an Empty Nest Shower.  This is a lot like a wedding shower except I’m older, wiser and  know the value of good towels, high thread count sheets and fancy paper plates.

In fact, I believe I’ll take a stand against buying wedding gifts.  Seriously, do those young married people need all that new stuff?  Well, maybe they do but they’re young, they can live on love, Ramen Noodles and hand-me-down furniture.  We’re older and can’t handle the fat and sodium in Ramen Noodles.   We NEED new furniture since ours has lived through baby spit up, toddler accidents (koolaid and otherwise), kids and cereal, teens and popcorn, pets, and so much more.

Of course we don’t want to discourage the engaged young couple. Let’s just send a card that reads:

God Bless your marriage!  Love much, Live Simply and Embrace Life.  We’ll be sending you a gift on your 25th wedding anniversary.  Please don’t forget to send us another one of those too cute ‘Save the Date’ cards so we won’t forget.

So let’s make a commitment to the Empty Nesters Need New Stuff Shower — aka ENNSS. Let’s start a movement.  We’ve survived babies, toddlers, and teens.  We’ve sacrificed our sanity and our sofas to years of motherhood.  We NEED some NEW STUFF.   It has to start somewhere.  Really it does.

Can we start with me?