I’m in a list kind of mood today.  Takes less brain cells and I’m feeling a little brain weary. I think it’s because school’s out and when my baby girl goes back she’ll be a junior — yikes, a junior.  When did this happen?  I blinked and she grew up.  She’s 16 and wonderful and has a wonderful 22 year old sister (I have to put that in or the 22 year old gets jealous – sibling rivalry is ageless)



Lately I’ve been thinking about all the things I miss – like my waistline, but that’s a blog for another day.  Today, I’m thinking about the things I miss about my baby being a little girl

I miss:

being the smartest person in her life – I’m more of the entertainment and the money tree these days

knowing exactly where she is at all times – I’ve considered one of the GPS tracker things, but I’m working on trust

her thinking her Daddy CAN fix everything  — wait, she still thinks that

seeing her discover new things. She’s still discovering new things, some I know about and others I don’t want to know about (yes, I’m adopting the ‘head in the sand’ school of parenting) 

picking out her clothes – I still have veto power, but she does the selecting and she’s quick to help me not look like a fashion disaster

taking her to school every morning & picking her up in the afternoon – she does come by my office most afternoons (this is accomplished with a Sonic Peach Tea bribe — another great parenting trick, bribery.

thinking she’d never grow up. She is the baby. She grew up while I wasn’t paying attention. 

discussing serious subjects like what happened to the guy on Blue’s Clues, recess and reading groups. Today we talk about college choices and life plans.  Can’t we just talk about American Idol and  The Bachelorette

thinking I had a handle on this parenting thing. After 22 years, I now can say with all authority I don’t have a clue how to do it.

I just pray like mad, thank God for the joy of raising her and  trust His plan for her life.