I am so excited to tell y’all about this new book  — Do You Know Who I Am and other brave questions women ask by Angela Thomas.

Angela told me about this project months ago when she was still knee deep in the writing process – and I fell in love with concept.  And this book meets my expectations and then some.  Let me share with y’all a little bit about it.

Angela asks  God if He really knows her,  sees her and loves her right where she is in the midst of her life. In return God asks if we know just WHO He is.  It’s wonderful biblical teaching on the character of God.

Each chapter  mirrors a time in my spiritual life – some more recent than others, but all applicable to me and probably every woman out there walking this life in Jesus.  

I love the opening chapter  — I Am Afraid to Dream Big … He Is Worthy

Oh girls, how many times do we put God in a box with words such as “I just can’t do that” or “I don’t have that gift" or some other sad excuse to cover up our fear?  We ask God do you know I’m afraid to dream big?  I’m afraid of what may be ahead?”  And God answers us “do you know Who I Am – I Am Worthy.”

Angela takes us into the book of Ephesians for some rich application on what we have received from God —

God has provided you with every spiritual blessing (1:3)

God gives you a glorious inheritance & His incomparable power (1:18-19)

God has prepared good works for you to do (2:10)

And the list goes on and on.  This page is highlighted, tagged and written all over – it’s a great list to keep beside you when you feel a little down or unworthy.

I could talk/ write about every chapter but I’ll just share the titles:

I am Invisible … He is My God Who Sees

I Am Trembling Inside … He is My Comfort

I Am Worn Out … He Does Not Grow Weary

I Am Suffering with a Thorn … He is My Sufficiency

I Am a Sinner … He Is My Savior

I Am Lonely … He is Here

I Am Undisciplined … He Is My Strength

I Am Hesitant … He Is Generous

I Am Ordinary … He is My King and Father

I Am Broken…. He is My Redeemer

I Am Disappointed… He Is My Hope

Angela teaches us the secret to being known by God is understanding who God is – and that He does see us and love us right where we are.  God loves us even when you’re knee-deep in toddlers and the most exciting thing you can accomplish is taking a shower.  God sees you right there. 

God loves us when we are afraid, lonely, frightened, hurt – God sees each one of us and He has a purpose for each one of  us. 

I encourage you to pick up Do You Know Who I Am.  It’s filled with wonderful storytelling, spot on biblical application and heartfelt insight. 

I was given a copy of this book for review, but I would have bought it anyway!!