How many times have I said these words?  Do I look fat in this? 

I’ve been on a shopping mission for the last week.  I’m looking for something to wear to a retreat where I’m the speaker.  And that means something comfortable, cute and that doesn’t make me look fat.   It’s not like I needed something new because anything I wear is new to this group — since I don’t hang out in South Alabama much.  I could wear my oldest, most favorite cute outfit and it would  be new to them.  But there is just something about a new dress that makes my heart skip a beat.

Today I bought a maxi dress — or long dress or whatever we are calling it these days.  It’s cute, it’s long and flowing.  Sort of swishy like.  It’s a halter — not a style that I usually favor.

 So far I have two (cute and comfortable)  out of the three covered.  I don’t think it makes me look fat  — so it’s possible that we’ve hit a homerun in the dress department.


Don’t let the picture fool you, this is NOT the dress I’m wearing, but it kind looks like this.  It’s the same shape and style but mine is more abstract with greens, blues, browns, and blacks in it.  And I added a tank underneath — the cut down to THERE look is just not the look I want for a church retreat.  I also added a cute little mini jacket that ties under the bust because my upper arms are just …. well they are  not ready for full exposue yet.  We need a bit more sun on them. 

So there you have it a picture of the dress that I am NOT wearing.  I don’t even know why I posted this picture….. go figure.

You can find a whole load of the maxi dresses here at Macy’s

I’m speaking at in South Alabama.  I’m so jazzed about this event, Girlfriends of Grace.  And I’m doubly excited because my daughters are coming with me.

Charity, my oldest, was a bit concerned about traveling with me.  She said, “Mom, please don’t say anything stupid, ’cause I will have to laugh.”  Now there’s a confidence builder for you — “don’t say anything stupid” is my plan.  I’m also hoping to bring a message that the Lord has laid (or is it lain… I’m never good with that whole lay, lie, lain, laid thing) or let’s just say placed on my heart.  Grace.  Girlfriends of Grace.

Can’t wait to get my weekend rolling!  And now that I have a whole new dress to wear, I’m doubly jazzed.

May this whole weekend be to His Glory!! How incredible that the Lord has called me into this work…. He is Amazing and Wonderful, this God we serve.