Just the other day   I met  Jenny Hope and her sweet little girl for a late lunch and lots of chatting.  It was a blast — we laughed and talked for ….. I don’t know, it was a while.  Jenny and I live in the same town and got to know each other in New Orleans at the Breaking Free taping.   We had such a great time – well, I did.  She may think I’m a bubble off level… but then, I probably am.

Before we left, Morgan led us in a round of Ring Around the Roses in the middle of Chili’s Restaurant!  (We just ignored the stares of the people — they were just jealous they didn’t get invited to the dance).

Nothing wrong with that! She felt like dancing and as we held hands and went round and round, I laughed and thought — wow!  this is fun!  She wasn’t worried about the automobile industry bail out or the current recession crisis.  She wasn’t worried about what gifts to buy for Christmas or what she should take to the office Christmas party (particularly since she doesn’t have an office).  She was just a little girl who wanted to dance!  So she danced.  And her sweet Mom didn’t discourage her or shush her — she just danced with her.   I was thrilled to be in her circle for that moment in time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we approached life with such enthusiasm?   I want this!  I want to grab onto the life God has given me and live it to the fullest for His glory.   He has called us to such a HOPE!   A HOPE that should make us dance and sing.  A hope that is filled with joy and peace.  A hope that isn’t impacted by a weak economy or a failing car industry.  He is our HOPE! 

This year, as we celebrate His birth, I want to remember the HOPE that is Christ.  This Christmas I want to remember the joy of dancing in Chilis with a little girl who gets it — we all should be so blessed.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.   Romans 15:13

Have a wonderful Christmas season — hold onto that HOPE!  And dance!