What an amazing week!  I sailed with the Premier Christian Cruise group on the KLove Cruise and I loved it.  It was my first cruise as the group sales coordinator.  I had a blast.  Feel head over heels for the staff, McKenzie, Janet, Beth, Chris, Mark, Jonathan and Darrell.  There was also Cindy, Bethany, Megan, Bradley, Jenny, Paul, Darla, and Mike and so many more.    Met the customers and they are the best ever!


McKenzie & Me – she’s a darling funny, fun girl.  We held down our end of the booth – we called it the sanguine end.  Lots of laughter.  McKenzie knows just what she is  doing and I’m just winging it.


This is my “free” Internet access.  Some girl told me it cost $5 so I paid her $5.  Guess she has to make a living, too.

The sun was great —



Louie Giglio was INCREDIBLE.  If you’ve never heard him speak run, do not walk, to YouTube right now and watch his Laminin talk.  Oh my, it WILL ROCK your socks, yes it will.  Loved him.

The music was AMAZING


Late night jam session with musicians from all different groups.


Francesca Bastastelli poolside.  This girl can sing!

And there was so much MUSIC.

Mercy Me, Newsboys, 33 Miles, Big Daddy Weave, Downhere, Mandisa,

Bumped into Jeff with Big Daddy Weave in the Bahamas.  He was nice enough to explain the free Internet thing to me and he’s a nice Alabama boy.

Met sweet Jenny with Addison Road and she is a darling and has the most adorable baby girl!  Just wanted to squeeze them both.

I ran into the members of the band Downhere and what a sweet bunch of people.  LOVE them and did not know they sing one of my FAVORITE songs, Here I am …. check it out on their website … you’ll know it and if you don’t you’ll be greatly BLESSED!  I, too, want to live my life as an offering.

I also met so many WONDERFUL people who don’t have websites, blogs, or facebook pages. I met people who just LOVED being on the cruise and people who planned to come back in 2011.  I met people who wanted to bless others with this cruise.  I met people who had blessed others with the KLove cruise.

I met people who handed over their own bibles when they heard the news that the crew of the ship wanted bibles.

It was a blast and a blessing to be on this cruise.  I’m still in shock that the Lord allows me to do such a thing.  He is just too good to me.

Would love to have you join me on an upcoming Premier Christian Cruise.