I just had the MOST amazing two weeks filled with friends, family, cruising, music and Mickey Mouse.

Crazy, I know!  It’s part job, part relaxing and ALL manner of fun!

I worked our first cruise of the year (for those who don’t know, I work for PremierChristianCruises ) — the Music Boat and it was a BLAST!!  I had the most amazing group of friends and family on board.  Bitty Baby Ben and his mom & dad sailed along with me.  He was so wonderful!  And so entertaining.  I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time with him and his parents, but work called and that’s why I cruise — it’s my job.


After finishing up Music Boat, I hopped aboard a plane and met my friend Melinda in Galveston and we board a Disney cruise for a week of rest and fun!  We managed to have both in great abundance.

Melinda is one of those friends I can just hang out with — no pressure.  Sometimes we laugh our heads off for hours and then other times we just sit together in silence.  We’re just comfortable that way. It would have only been better if Karen Barrows had been with us and completed our threesome!  Next time.

I’m back on dry ground, ready to roll into lots of NEW stuff in my life.  New work stuff, have a new book I’m writing and just finding a new excitement for this life in Christ.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully!  Let me hear from you.  What is up in your world!!  I’ve missed you ALL!