Creating Your Own Event with Tammy Whitehurst

Jan 25, 2021

Tammy Whitehurst is a speaker, writer and she  loves people, women who laugh and Jesus!  Ooh, and she LOVES cheetah print (me too!)

“Create your own event” — Tammy said and I agree!  If no one is booking you, book yourself. No one knows what you do unless you tell them.

Create the event, invite the local event planners and show them what you can do!

Tammy did just this and with a $500 donation in hand, she created her own event.  Just days before the event was to happen a hurricane hit and her venue went from an event locale to an evacuee location.

She could have just folded up and gone home, but  in true Tammy style, she just leaned in and put on her event for attendees and the evacuees.  Tammy had a small local audience in mind – God had something bigger.

Tammy Whitehurst website
Christian Communicators conference
Marketers on a Mission
Lori Boruff website
Zenni Optical — GREAT FUN glasses at affordable prices!

Meet My Guest

Tammy Whitehurst

You can have JOY in your journey… is the foundation of Tammy Whitehurst’s message. As an author, blogger, and full time speaker she encourages and challenges audiences to live life kicked up a notch. She has been described as a hoot with a capital H! ?Tammy has written articles for Lifeway magazines, Woman’s World, Mature Living, Christianity Today and many other publications.

She is the co-owner of the Christian Communicator’s Conference, a training conference for speakers?. However, ?to those who know her best she is simply Davis’s wife, an empty nest mom, and a former middle school teacher. She struggles like the rest of us with dust, dishes, cellulite, junk drawers, and wrinkles

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    BRAVO! Love Tammy! Loved this!