Create a Speaker Contract

Mar 22, 2021

Contracts or, as I like to call them, Speaker Agreements, are a necessary part of doing business.   Don’t leave this to chance –even if you are speaking for free (because you gifted your fee and go back to episode 7 What to Charge for more on this).

What goes in your speaker agreement?
Let’s break it down:

Name and address of venue
Date and time of event
Name and contact information of the event planner

Event Details
Date and time of my presentation or presentations
Allotted speaking time

Dress code — I always ask to avoid being over or under dressed.
Technical  — this is where you would put screen for presentation (if you need one), slideshow clicker, etc
Microphone preference — handheld, lapel, or over the ear
Podium of table request

Speaker fee
Travel – will the host book your airfare & lodging or will you handle this ?
Transportation — how will you get from the airport to the hotel and then to the venue
Deposit — typical is 50%
Cancelation policy — I have a 90 day cancelation policy,  If the event cancels before the 90 days, I return the deposit.

Remember a speaker agreement is to remind you and the host event of all you have each agreed to — and I like to over communicate all I need and ask the event planner to do the same.  If she wants me to attend a dinner the night of the event — put it in the agreement so I make sure that is on my calendar.  Over communication creates clear expectation.

Create a speaker agreement that allows you to meet and exceed the needs of your event planner. 

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