And so goes election. A new day will happen tomorrow and God will still be God. Where will I put my confidence tomorrow? Will I be worried that new taxes will cripple me? Will I stress about the new leader's lack of concern for the lives of unborn children? Will I worry that we will lose freedoms? Will I worry that our nation could easily fall under attack?

I would like to say I won't worry about any of this, but I can't. It will cross my mind but I will do my best to not worry. I'll try to focus on where I put my confidence. My confidence is not in any leader — they're human and they'll fail you. I can't place my confidence in mere man, but in Christ Jesus.

I'm confident of this  — God has work and a plan for your life! And He has a work and plan for all of us — individually and corporately. This plan has our new leader in it — at least in his position.

I'll pray for our new leader and I ask God to give Him the gift of humility and discernment — both are key to great leaderships.

I'll put my confidence in Christ Alone!!

being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.
Phil 1:6

This is where we find out confidence – in Christ Jesus.  We are His children and therefore we are confident that He is Lord and Savior, Master and King.  He is God. 

I will not put my confidence in mortal man, but only in Holy God.

So, for all those who hoped for a different election outcome, it didn't happen. Barack Obama will be our new leader — but I will not place my confidence in Him. I will pray for Him and I ask that you do the same thing. He will need it.

Ohh, I will miss Sarah Palin cute shoes. I just don't see Obama or Biden in a pair of peep-toe red pumps…. not a visual I want to consider.
Praise God — He is on His throne and I'm still His child!! The child of a King.